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We are dedicated to your health, wellness and relaxation. Our skilled and professional staff are dedicated to creating an environment in which to renew and refresh, mind, body and spirit. Either you have back pain, shoulder pain, lower back problems, or simply tired with daily pressure, LeHua Spa is committed to provide the best treatment to get you rejuvenated!
Please note that LeHua Spa is a professional health service provider, and do NOT provide any sexual service!

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• Licensed Massage Therapist
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Swedish Massage
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Head Reflexology
Hand Reflexology
Feet Reflexology

Atlanta Salons: It’s all about Looking and Feeling Your Best

Why do we go to salons? The answer is to look and feel our best of course. Salons have come a long way over the last couple of decades where they were once simply a place women went to have their hair perfectly coiffed. Of course there are still salons that specialize in hair care, but today the term salon has come to mean so much more. Atlanta salons not only offer beautiful hair but skin treatments, manicures, pedicures, tanning and even massages. Of course not every salon will offer all these services but depending on your personal needs it’s easy to find a salon that's a perfect fit.

Today salons are not only limited to women. A lot of men are now heading to salons in order to get the same personalized treatment for their hair, skin and nails. Men are beginning to realize that it’s acceptable to be concerned about their looks. There is no specific information about the beginning of this trend but European men can be credited for getting the American males on the right path. While the traditional hair cut and styling are the typical reasons that most men will visit Atlanta salons, facial treatments and manicures are also becoming popular. This is true especially in the cases of men who work in public relation positions where it is essential for them to look good and well manicured nails are a must. Men may also visit the salon for a massage or tanning session. The truth is that men are finding that they enjoy being treated special as much as women do.

Atlanta Salons: Skin Care

Facials energize and renew the skin, while giving you time to relax. A part of the facial, known as exfoliation, removes the layer of dead skin cells and allows the new skin to glow. Facial treatments include cleansing, exfoliation and facial massage for better blood circulation and application of skin specific masks and toners. After a facial, the skin experts in the salons usually provide some skin care advices and products to be used at home. There are herbal facials, aromatherapy facial, seaweed facial, sensitive skin facials and facials specifically designed for men. The types of facials available are almost limitless. Talk with an Atlanta salons technician to find the perfect facial for your skin type.

Atlanta Salons: The perfectly coiffed Hair Styles

Your favorite Atlanta salons can still offer you the perfect cut or perm. Whether you want curl, color, frost, straightening or extensions, it can all be yours. At one time salons were the domain of women and men would head off to the local barber shop for their regular hair cut. But men today cannot be satisfied with just a simple hair cut. They understand that having their hair styled to suit their face can go a long way to enhance personal appearance.

If you want a great look for a special occasion, you can make an appointment with professional Atlanta salons. Often a bride-to-be will set up an appointment for her entire wedding party to have their hair done together at the same salon. This can make for a fun pre-wedding get together for everyone involved. If you want to make a group booking for such occasions, you need to do it in advance.

Atlanta Salons: The Perfect Final Touch

What would all these beauty treatments be without the perfect makeup? Of course for everyday you’ll probably apply your own makeup but for those special occasions you really want the expert touch of professional makeup artists found at the top Atlanta salons. They know how to enhance your best features and play down those you may not be so fond of. Whether it’s a prom night, wedding or other special occasion a makeup artist knows the perfect makeup and colors for your skin type and hair color. They know how to apply just the right look for a daytime event or an extravagant night out.

The Atlanta salons work to make you look and feel fabulous. They are no longer just a place where women go to sit under big bonnet dryers and catch up on the latest gossip. Salons care for the total woman. And men are now demanding their fair share of that same head to toe pampering. If you’re looking for glowing skin, the perfect manicure, or beautiful hair and makeup, it can all be yours. Treat yourself right by visiting the best Atlanta salons today.
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